Shirley McDaniel is a 74 year-old nurse at the Beaver Dam nursing home in Ohio County, Kentucky. McDaniel came out of retirement in 2010 to continue her passion of helping people. "I feel blessed that I am still able to do this job. I will continue to work for as long as I can," she said. After working multiple jobs from the age of 16, McDaniel decided to go back to college at the age of 30 with her daughter. McDaniel and her daughter Jennifer graduated from medical school side by side in 1980. McDaniel went on to work in the trauma ward of the Owensboro hospital for 16 years before being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Shortly after going into remission, her husband passed away. McDaniel needed a way to spend her time and decided in 2010 that she would go back into the workforce. McDaniel has been a part time nurse at the Beaver Dam Nursing Home ever since and doesn't plan on stopping until she has to. 
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