Client: Ment Cowork
Following the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing business restrictions, I created a community togetherness campaign to encourage community support and interaction during COVID-19. This campaign is still being continued and is taking place mainly through social media with a Facebook group page: Cowork BG to bring "coworking" to everyone virtually. 
I am also working on planning a community togetherness celebration at Ment post COVID-19 to wrap up the campaign and use the page created to engage those involved to take part in the event.  
Client: Talley Family Counseling Center
(Capstone Project)
As part of my PR management course, I took part in a group project to produce a campaign for a Bowling Green client. I worked to produce an awareness campaign for the Talley Family Counseling Center, a WKU affiliated and alumni owned counseling center for all Bowling Green residents. We noticed that the Talley Center did not have much awareness and worked to increase engagement by targeting college sororities, the intercultural student center and a local yoga studio. 
We took part in speaking at a mental health event and had frequent meetings with our client as well as sitting in on staff meetings. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted our content and re-evaluated our campaign, switching our efforts to social media. This included creating digital posters and flyers and posting to the Talley Counseling Facebook account and speaking at Zoom sorority meetings. 
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